Magic Hand Treatment

Magic Eye-Lift Collagen Treatment


Magic Face-Lift Oxygen Treatment

Benefit: Restoring a fresh sparkling expression to the tired eye area. It can effectively tighten up skin under eyes to reduce eye bags and wrinkle.
Code: MHT-1
Time: 45 minutes

Price $60


Benefit: A deep massage is applied on the face, for tired, stress skin, irritations, lymphatic blockage. It is stimulated and the circulation improved. It is leads to a purification and normalization of the cell metabolism. A strong quickening effect on cell regeneration.
Code: MHT-2
Time: 45 minutes

Price $80


Magic Face-Lift Cellular Treatment


Magic Face-Lift Cellular Treatment

Benefit: Fat and tired tissue can rob your face from its luminous complexion. The face regains its freshness and firmness.

Code: MHT-3

Time: 105 minutes

Price $160


Benefit: It is stimulate and the circulation improve. Dissolved is connective tissue, wrinkle generating tension is relaxed, immediately soothing skin lines and giving an unrivaled sensation of softness. The skin felt moisturize effect after application.

Code: MHT-4

Time: 110 minutes

Price $180


Magic Bust-Lift Collagen Treatment


Benefit: Revitalizes the deep skin stimulated hormones strenghthens the tonicity of breast. Make your brest round, increases its firmness.

Code: MHT-5

Time: 45 minutes

Price $100