Radiancy Phototherapy Treatment

What is Radiancy Phototherapy Treatment? It is an Advanced Light Heat Energy Spa Touch PDU Technology Development

This is for wrinkle, dark pigmentation skin, elasticiting, firming and brightening.

RT + Collagen Eye Treatment



RT + Hydrating Treatment

Benefit: Relaxing effect, wrinkles and skin dryness, vital energy to the eyelid, moisturizing and tonifying act in a powerful balance.
Code RT-1 (60 minutes)

Price $60

Benefit: Improving the wrinkes profile, promotes cell regeneration, calming and soothing of the skin.
Code RT-2 (45 minutes)

Price $80




RT + Brightening Treatment


RT + Aroma Collagen Treatment

Benefit: Reducing the abnormal dark pigmentation of the cells.
Improving skin elasticity.
Code RT-3 (75 minutes)

Price $100


Code RT-4
(90 minutes)

Price $130